How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Talk About His Erectile Dysfunction?

On this week’s Sunday Special, J&J are joined by Dr. Jed Kaminetsky, Urologist at NYU, to talk about the various potential problems guys face in the bedroom.

Key Discussions
– Why guys are afraid to seek treatment for erectile dysfunction
– Is ED a mental or physical problem?
– Problem staying erect or orgasms too quickly?
– Surprising information about infertility in men.

Dr. Kaminetsky interviewed by Haley Helveston, a Holistic Health Coach turned Sex/Relationship Coach.
Key Takeaways
-Watching too much porn can lead to sexual issues
– Communication is key
– Testosterone is so key for your overall health
– Workout and be outside daily

Listen to urologist and sexual wellness expert Dr. Jed Kaminetsky talk to Dr. Jess about all things sex including:

Multiple approaches to lasting longer in bed
The role or testosterone in sexual desire and functioning
Orgasm difficulties
Premature ejaculation
Delayed orgasm
The role of muscle memory and neuropathways in orgasm